UEFI Converter
Unified Extensible Firmware Interface

File Extension UEFI
Category Archive File
Technical Details EFI files contain data tables which contain platform information that aid in the booting and execution of the OS environments, and provide a distinct advantage over traditional BIOS systems. Disk sizes containing up to 2 terabytes of information can be booted and EFI files even work with globally unique identifier tables. Network capability and running PreOS environments are some of the technological perks EFI files offer. Usually, EFI Files provide an interface between the OS and the platform firmware. Users can create and execute an environment for booting up the system's OS which can help run various pre-boot applications. EFI file extensions are used in Microsoft Windows 7 files. EFI files help the hardware and software communicate better with each other and form a part of the UEFI system. A UEFI system allows users to easily launch multiple operating systems without the need of a bootloader such as LILO or GRUB.
Associated Programs 7-Zip

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Convert from UEFI Conversions Rating
0 UEFI to JAR (Java Archive File)
1 UEFI to RAR (WinRAR Compressed Archive)
2 UEFI to T7Z (7Zip Compressed Tar File)
3 UEFI to TAR (Consolidated Unix File Archive)
4 UEFI to TBZ (Bzip Compressed Tar Archive)
5 UEFI to TBZ2 (Tar BZip 2 Compressed File)
6 UEFI to TGZ (Gzipped Tar File)
7 UEFI to TXZ (XZ Compressed Tar File)
8 UEFI to ZIP (Zipped File)