RAR Converter
WinRAR Compressed Archive

File Extension RAR
Category Archive File
Technical Details The RAR archive format supports compression, file spanning, and error recovery. Compression is carried out using a prediction by partial matching algorithm and the lossless compression algorithm LZSS. The RAR file format has a range in file size from as low as 20 bytes to 8 exbibytes less 1. It also supports AES encryption at 256bits as well as the CRC32 checksum and BLAKE2 file hash algortihms.
Associated Programs WinRAR
Unarchiver (unpacking)
7-Zip (unpacking)

We support the conversion of RAR into 8 different formats. Pick a conversion type from the list below and begin a file conversion today

Convert from RAR Conversions Rating
0 RAR to JAR (Java Archive File) 3 39 votes
1 RAR to T7Z (7Zip Compressed Tar File) 2.3 12 votes
2 RAR to TAR (Consolidated Unix File Archive) 2.9 12 votes
3 RAR to TBZ (Bzip Compressed Tar Archive) 2 2 votes
4 RAR to TBZ2 (Tar BZip 2 Compressed File)
5 RAR to TGZ (Gzipped Tar File) 5 1 vote
6 RAR to TXZ (XZ Compressed Tar File) 3.8 5 votes
7 RAR to ZIP (Zipped File) 4.5 2721 votes