PCX Converter
Paintbrush Bitmap Image File

File Extension PCX
Category Image File
Technical Details Later iterations of the format supported 24bit color palette, upgrading from the original 2 to 4 colors. Byte ordering used by the format is little endian ordering with three blocks; a 128 byte header, image data and an optional 256 color palette. Image data is stored in an orthoganal arrangement of scan lines ordered from the top to the bottom. Files can eiher be compressed using the simple RLE (Run Length Encoding) algorithm or uncompressed.
Associated Programs GIMP
PaintShop Pro

We support the conversion of PCX into 78 different formats. Pick a conversion type from the list below and begin a file conversion today

Convert from PCX Conversions Rating
0 PCX to BMP (Bitmap Image File)
1 PCX to CCX (Click & Create Extension)
2 PCX to CDR (CorelDRAW Image File)
3 PCX to CGM (Computer Graphics Metafile)
4 PCX to CMX (Corel Metafile Exchange Image File)
5 PCX to CUR (Windows Cursor)
6 PCX to EMF (Enhanced Windows Metafile)
7 PCX to EPDF (Encapsulated Portable Document Format)
8 PCX to EPI (Encapsulated PostScript Interchange format)
9 PCX to EPS (Encapsulated PostScript File)
10 PCX to EXR (High Dynamic-range (HDR))
11 PCX to FAX (Fax Document)
12 PCX to FIG (Xfig Drawing)
13 PCX to FODG (OpenDocument Drawing)
14 PCX to FTS (Full Text Search)
15 PCX to G3 (Group 3 FAX)
16 PCX to GIF (Graphical Interchange Format File)
17 PCX to HDR (High Dynamic Range Image File)
18 PCX to HRZ (Compressed Poser Hair File)
19 PCX to HTML (Hypertext Markup Language File)
20 PCX to ICO (Icon File)
21 PCX to IPL (IPL Image Sequence)
22 PCX to JP2 (JPEG 2000 Core Image File)
23 PCX to JPEG (JPEG Image File) 5 1 vote
24 PCX to JPG (JPG Image File) 5 95 votes
25 PCX to MAP (Weather Defender Map)
26 PCX to MET (OS/2 Metafile)
27 PCX to MNG (Multiple Network Graphic)
28 PCX to MTV (MTV Raytracing image format)
29 PCX to ODD (OpenDocument Drawing)
30 PCX to OTB (Nokia Over The Air Bitmap)
31 PCX to OTG (OpenDocument Graphic Template)
32 PCX to PAL (Dr. Halo Color Palette)
33 PCX to PALM (Palm pixmap)
34 PCX to PAM (Common 2-dimensional bitmap format)
35 PCX to PBM (Portable Bitmap Image)
36 PCX to PCD (Kodak Photo CD Image File)
37 PCX to PCT (Picture File)
38 PCX to PDB (Program Database)
39 PCX to PDF (Portable Document Format File)
40 PCX to PFM (Printer Font Metrics File)
41 PCX to PGM (Portable Gray Map Image)
42 PCX to PICON (Personal Icon)
43 PCX to PICT (Picture File)
44 PCX to PLT (AutoCAD Plotter Document)
45 PCX to PNG (Portable Network Graphic) 5 1 vote
46 PCX to PNM (Portable anymap)
47 PCX to PPM (Portable Pixmap Image File)
48 PCX to PS (PostScript File)
49 PCX to PSD (Photoshop Document)
50 PCX to RAS (Remedy Archive System File)
51 PCX to RGB (Raw red, green, and blue samples)
52 PCX to RGBA (Raw red, green, blue, and alpha samples)
53 PCX to RGBO (Raw red, green, blue, and opacity samples)
54 PCX to SGI (Silicon Graphics Image File)
55 PCX to SK (Sketch/Skencil format)
56 PCX to SK1 (sK1 vector graphics)
57 PCX to STD (Apache OpenOffice Drawing Template)
58 PCX to SUN (Sun Raster Graphic File)
59 PCX to SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics)
60 PCX to SVGZ (Compressed Scalable Vector Graphics)
61 PCX to SVM (StarView Metafile)
62 PCX to SWF (Shockwave Flash Movie)
63 PCX to SXD (OpenOffice.org 1.0 Drawing)
64 PCX to SXW (StarOffice Writer Text Document)
65 PCX to TGA (Targa Graphic)
66 PCX to TIFF (Tagged Image File Format)
67 PCX to UYVY (16bit/pixel interleaved YUV)
68 PCX to VIFF (Visualization Image File Format)
69 PCX to VOR (StarOffice Template)
70 PCX to WBMP (Wireless Bitmap Image File)
71 PCX to WMF (Windows Metafile)
72 PCX to XBM (X11 Bitmap Graphic)
73 PCX to XHTML (Extensible Hypertext Markup Language File)
74 PCX to XPM (Micro Planner Manager File)
75 PCX to XV (Khoros Visualization image)
76 PCX to XWD (X Windows Dump)
77 PCX to YUV (YUV Encoded Image File)