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File Extension CPIO
Category Archive File
Technical Details CPIO files are stored to disk as binary files. Meta information is also stored in binary as per the original specification. There have been revisions of the format however that used ASCII character set representation to store Meta information. The format has cross compatibility with the TAR archiving format (allowing you to open TAR archives) and can even recognize different byte-order arrangement of different archiving formats. In the POSIX.1-1988 standard the cpio format has a file limitation of 8 GB.
Associated Programs GNU cpio
Apple Archive Utility

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Convert from CPIO Conversions Rating
0 CPIO to JAR (Java Archive File)
1 CPIO to RAR (WinRAR Compressed Archive)
2 CPIO to T7Z (7Zip Compressed Tar File)
3 CPIO to TAR (Consolidated Unix File Archive)
4 CPIO to TBZ (Bzip Compressed Tar Archive)
5 CPIO to TBZ2 (Tar BZip 2 Compressed File)
6 CPIO to TGZ (Gzipped Tar File)
7 CPIO to TXZ (XZ Compressed Tar File)
8 CPIO to ZIP (Zipped File) 5 2 votes