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Amazon Kindle eBook File

File Extension AZW
Category EBook File
Technical Details Because the AZW format restricts content to kindle devices and software, it has become a popularized format for authors wishing to enforce digital rights management and copyright restrictions over their content. It supports richly formatted text and enables documents to be reflowable i.e. able to be presented on a multitude of devices with varying screen sizes.
Associated Programs Amazon Kindle for PC

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Convert from AZW Conversions Rating
0 AZW to AZW3 (Amazon Kindle eBook File) 5 1 vote
1 AZW to EPUB (Open eBook File) 4.9 7 votes
2 AZW to FB2 (FictionBook 2.0 File)
3 AZW to HTMLZ (Zipped HTML eBook)
4 AZW to LIT (eBook File)
5 AZW to LRF (Linker Response File)
6 AZW to MOBI (Mobipocket eBook) 5 1 vote
7 AZW to PDB (Program Database)
8 AZW to PDF (Portable Document Format File) 5 37 votes
9 AZW to PMLZ (Zipped Palm Markup Language File)
10 AZW to RB (Rosebud Profile)
11 AZW to RTF (Rich Text Format File)
12 AZW to SNB (Shanda Bambook eBook File)
13 AZW to TCR (Text Compression for Reader)
14 AZW to TXT (Plain Text File)
15 AZW to TXTZ (Compressed TXT format)
16 AZW to ZIP (Zipped File)